• 1 Whole house cleans, We are a company of professional cleaners providing a new and friendly approach to your home cleaning and all other services perfectly tailored not just for your home, but your lifestyle too.

  • 2 Once-Off Cleaning, We are a once-off cleaning service provider that gives all our efforts just to make your house cleaner unexpectedly. There are times when you need a super-deep clean, a spring-clean or a once-off clean such as when you’re moving into or vacating premises. Or it’s just high time for a thorough, top-to-toe clean. That’s where our once-off cleaning service provider comes into action. We bring all our own industry-approved and eco-friendly chemicals, cleaning equipment and gear to clean up your biggest nightmare, quickly and efficiently.

  • 3 Deep Cleaing, We specialize in deep cleaning services for many industries including factories, manufacturing plants, warehousing, food manufacturing, hospitals, schools, universities, the leisure & retail industry amongst others. Our highly trained industrial deep cleaning service provider use specialist tools with eco-friendly and bactericidal chemicals to deep clean every surface; behind and under equipment; difficult or dangerous to reach parts of your equipment; ceilings and walls, all the hidden areas where grime, grease and dust can accumulate and pose a health or operating hazard.

  • 4 Moving out Cleaning, With our moving out cleaning service, we provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home is transformed into a spotless place.

  • 5 Business Cleaning, Our company services cover many areas within your facility. We will clean your parking lot, we will power wash your entry with all our efforts, we will clear your view with our window washing services, we will clean all of your flooring with our business cleaning services. In all across the entire city area, we also provide the safeness and cleanliness for the ability to maintain a healthy environment with our business cleaning service provider.

  • 6 After Renovation Cleaning Services, After Renovation / Building Cleaning Services When you finishing a home renovation project and before moving into your new building. Look to Active clean to provide thorough cleaning needed after dust particles generated from construction work that sneak into every nook and cranny of the space, we are experience and specialised, our staff is dedicated to going above and beyond cleaning service expectations Homeowners or Homerentals We’ll disinfect and transform your house to get it lo a conducive environment home just as you will want it before you move in Is it the mess every corner after fittings? Don’t panic our cleaners will handle all the cleaning to your satisfaction, we are professional in retail clean Construction Companies & builders Whenever you build a site, our trained staff will always be there for you to take care of your cleaning needs. Many contractors have trusted us to get the job finished well and on time. We have saved so many builders time and money Most one off builders cleaning service will include a deep cleaning of the bedrooms, living room, hallways, stairs and any other common area

Counties we operate in:
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