• 1 Supply and fit new Kitchen tap, We can help you fit the new kitchen tap in your kitchen

  • 2 Supply and fit new bathroom taps, If you need new bathroom taps fitted feel free to contact us

  • 3 Supply and fit new Shower, Our handyman can come and help you fit the new shower in your bathroom

  • 4 Repair shower, If your shower is not working properly our handyman can come and fixit for you on a short notice

  • 5 Change shower head, If your shower head needs replacement we can help you replace your shower head

  • 6 Replace Sealant around bath or shower, New sealant around your bath or shower will make your bathroom look fresh

  • 7 Repair toilet not flushing, Maybe your toilet is not flushing well then our handyman can come on a short notice to fix it

  • 8 Repair toilet overflowing in to pan, Contact us with any plumbing problem and our handyman will come out on a short notice

  • 9 Fit new toilet, If you have purchased a new toilet, we can help you fit it in your bathroom

  • 10 Plumb in washing machine / dishwasher, If you want to fix or connect your dishwasher/washing machine our handyman can come on a short notice to get the job done

  • 11 Fit new toilet seat, New toilet seat can be fitted by our great handyman

  • 12 Repair leak in pipework, Our handyman are experts in all kinds of drain services. Feel free to contact us to repair the leak

  • 13 Fit new ball valve in tank , Ball valve fitter service by our handyman can serve a wide range of new construction and remodel needs

  • 14 Fit outside tap, If you neeed to fit outside tap ourexperienced handyman can come out and do the job

  • 15 Repair outside tap, Our great handyman can go out and fix your outside tap

  • 16 Fixing blockages, If your pipes are blocked our handyman can come and fix the blockages

  • 17 Leaky taps, Leaky taps can cause water loss, our handyman can come out to fix your leaky taps

  • 18 Finding leaks, We can identify the root of your problem quickly. Feel free to contact us

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